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How to Find Below Market Value Properties in the UK

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    Finding Property for Below Market Prices

    When looking for an investment property, you want to ensure you get the most value for your money possible. This way, you can claim more of your returns as profit, and you will begin earning income from your property faster.

    It’s therefore essential to look carefully when trying to find an investment property that’s right for you. It is easy to get drawn into a property that may not be right for you and this could lead to you getting tied up in lower returns or unnecessary hassle.

    Below-market-value properties, or BMV properties for short, are properties that you can buy for less than the real market value of the property. There are several reasons why this could be the case, from the area the property is in, to the condition of the property for sale. Or, they could simply have slipped under the radar.

    It can be a minefield sometimes finding high-quality below-market-value properties for sale in the UK, as many come with hidden charges and problems that you won’t realise until you have signed the dotted line and bought the property. That’s why doing research to ensure you’re purchasing the best below-market value properties possible is so important.

    With that in mind, we’ve prepared this handy blog on how to find below-market-value properties, where to look, and how to do your research.

    Given we are a property investment company, we’re also going to give you some examples of properties below-market value in the UK that we currently have units available in, to show you the kind of things you should be looking for.

    With all that out of the way, let’s get into it!

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      Look in the Right Cities

      As of November 2022, the average house price in the UK was £295,000 according to the UK House Price Index. This price can be daunting when you take a glance, but it does not tell the entire picture.

      Not only does the national average take into account areas like London, where property prices are far above the rest of the nation, but there are also areas of the UK where it is much easier to find below-market-value properties.

      Try looking in areas such as the North-West, where property prices are growing at some of the fastest rates in the UK. This means you will achieve more capital appreciation over time, as high growth combined with low prices is the ideal combination for a high return when selling a property.

      For example, Liverpool’s average price is far below the national average, meaning you are more likely to get below-market-value properties for sale in this city.

      Zoopla currently indicates that the average price of property sold in Liverpool is £206,338, with certain property types like flats being even cheaper, coming in at £146,019. Given that Liverpool is one of the best areas to invest in right now thanks to high rental yields and low prices, this is a great example of how to find below-market-value properties by looking in the right area.

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      Look For Regeneration Areas

      Now we have established the kind of cities and locations you should be looking at when it comes to below-market-value properties, you need to look at where the highest rental yields are available.

      Rental yields indicate how much of a return you will make on your investment, so if an area has a 6% yield then you will make 6% of your investment back in a year.

      Obviously, you want this number to be high, as this means you will see more of a return on your investment. However, quite often, areas with high rental yields can also come with high property prices.

      There is a way around this though.

      Look for areas undergoing extensive regeneration, as these type of locations will be drawing in lots of newcomers looking for up and coming areas to live in. Prices in regeneration areas will also tend to be more affordable than those which are more traditionally popular such as inner-city postcodes.

      An example of this would be the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool, which has been the focus of extensive regeneration schemes over the last few years. The Triangle has transformed from a barren urban wasteland to a thriving hub of culture and business.

      Central Park is an example of a below-market-value property located in the Baltic Triangle, which currently has 6% assured rental yields on offer, meaning you can easily find high rental yields if you know where to look.

      Rightmove on mobile

      Be Savvy With Portals

      Portals like Rightmove and Zoopla are great for finding properties on the market thanks to the wide range of filters and options they have.

      If you are wondering where to find below-market-value properties, portals can be one of the best places to go as they allow you to do your research.

      By selecting the right filters, you can find BMV properties without having to deal with the hassle of meeting estate agents and physically visiting properties.

      Once you have found areas with high rental yields, try looking up the postcodes in a portal like Rightmove or Zoopla.

      By using different filters such as ‘Most Recent’ to see which properties are newest on the market, ‘Most Popular’ to see the homes that are viewed the most and ‘Lowest Price’ to find the cheapest properties, you can find a lot of different options.

      From these, you may find a diamond in the rough, but it will take due diligence and lots of research to make sure the property is below-market-value for the right reasons. For instance, it should be below-market value because it is below the radar, and not because it doesn’t meet the standards that modern renters look for.

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      Find Properties That Won’t Require Work

      When you are looking for below-market-value properties, you can usually put them into one of two categories:

      • Diamonds in the rough, which are severely undervalued due to a variety of factors.
      • Properties that will need a lot of work before they are fit for use.

      You always want to look for the first category, and try to avoid the second one when you can.

      While it may seem appealing to buy a property for cheap and then renovate, this will mean a lot of work and a lot of money on top of buying the property itself.

      This means you will need to wait before you can begin earning returns, and you will also eat into the money you save from buying cheap. The valuation in this case is more accurate than you first think.

      If this happens, you will be in a worse position than when you started.

      Therefore, it’s really important not to be drawn in by a lower price when looking for investment properties, and to research to make sure it is of high quality.

      New-build or freshly renovated properties are best for this, as they are made to high standards and are unlikely to have as many issues as older properties or HMOs.

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      Look at Off-Plan Properties

      Some of the best below-market-value properties in the UK are not on the open market and are instead sold exclusively through property investment companies.

      Off-plan properties like this are not currently fully completed and are still being constructed, which means they are often sold for below-market-value prices.

      There is a wide range of benefits to buying off-plan, and they usually make for a fantastic investment opportunity.

      Because they are still being constructed, they will be brand-new developments and so will avoid issues that older properties may face such as wear and tear or damage.

      They are also often situated in areas with high regeneration, to make the most of the transformation that this money will bring in.

      These properties combine many of the key things to look for when searching for below-market-value properties that we have already mentioned.

      As off-plan properties are often more affordable, you may not need to worry about borrowing a buy-to-let mortgage. With mortgage rates rising at rapid levels at the minute, it may be better to avoid borrowing one if you can.

      With off-plan properties, you can usually agree to set up a payment plan to help spread out the cost of investing, thereby avoiding the need for BTL mortgages.

      As you can see, off-plan properties are some of the best below-market-value properties on the market, able to net you high returns with affordable prices.

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      Properties for Sale Below-Market-Value ​

      We currently have a range of fantastic investment properties for sale below-market-value, in a range of popular investment locations.

      Here is a brief summary of some of the best below-market-value properties for sale in the UK right now:

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      The Prestige

      One of the newest properties to become available, The Prestige is located in the heart of Liverpool and is sure to appeal to the city’s growing population of young professionals.

      Just a short walk away from Ropewalks and LiverpoolONE, the Prestige is unique in that it is already completed and tenanted, so investors will begin earning returns far quicker than with traditional off-plan properties.

      With access to a fully-equipped gym, rooftop terrace and resident’s lounge, the Prestige has guaranteed 6% NET returns for the first year as well as some of the most affordable prices for inner-city living.

      This is one of the best below-market-value investment properties available in the North-West right now, and one that every investor should be looking at.

      City Point Liverpool Exterior

      Vantage Point

      Located in Greater Manchester with fantastic transport links to the wider area, Vantage Point is at the centre of major regeneration efforts.

      Transforming an old office building into a stylish collection of 1-bedroom flats designed for young professionals, this development is fully-funded and has some of the most affordable prices in the North-West.

      With Wigan being one of the best locations for high rental yields in the UK, Vantage Point offers a great combination of prime location, cheap prices and high rental yields, all of which are great factors when looking for below-market-value properties.

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        Central Park

        With some of the best prices in Liverpool, Central Park combines fantastic luxury apartments with the very best of modern living.

        Being situated in the Baltic Triangle, the trendiest place to live and work in Liverpool, Central Park is right next to a brand-new underground station offering great transportation links. Overlooking a public park will allow for uninterrupted views of the city, adding a sense of nature and greenery to the development.

        On top of this is an outdoor gym, access to gardens and the park, as well as 6% ASSURED returns for the first year. Central Park is a seriously underrated off-plan development available for below-market-value prices.

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