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Nexus Residential

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Here at RWinvest, we are selective with who we work with. 

This is because quality means everything to us, and we want to ensure all of our properties provide the best investment experience possible to our fantastic collection of 75,000 investors. 

For this reason, our due diligence and extensive research into partners and developers has led us to Nexus Residential. 

Undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in UK property development, Nexus has continued to deliver world-class properties that we are proud to share with our clients. 

On this page, you will learn all about Nexus Residential, including their successes and achievements and why we are so happy to work alongside them. 

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Who is Nexus Residential?

An innovative titan behind some of Liverpool’s greatest property developments, Nexus Residential has quickly cemented itself as a mainstay in the UK property market. 

Based in Liverpool, this leading property developer has gone from strength to strength since forming in 2018, quickly gaining an unshakeable reputation as a reliable and innovative institution. 

Specialists in both student and residential property, Nexus Residential has plenty of strings to its bow, not only specialising in construction but also being famed for its property management and sales and lettings skills. 

While primarily focusing on residential projects, Nexus has been adept enough to continuously break the mould and deliver commercial attributes to its properties thanks to extensive industry knowledge. 

For instance, the completed block of flats Marina Lofts, which delivered on time and on budget, was equipped with commercial leisure units in the heart of North Liverpool, making it one of the most desired living spaces in the entire city. 

If you’re looking for an industry-renowned property company continuing to innovate, then look no further than Nexus Residential.

An image shows One Baltic Square's exterior

Pioneering Property Developers

A key characteristic of Nexus Residential is its continued commitment to introducing pioneering properties to the Liverpool property market. 

Nexus Residential is famously behind the new line of ELEMENT apartments set to take over the UK investment scene. 

Starting with ELEMENT – The Quarter, Liverpool’s first-ever eco property, the developers have frequently made local news thanks to its pioneering concept. 

The project is set to revolutionise how we live, with these new city centre apartments filled with unbelievable energy-saving technology. 

For instance, the entire building is fitted with a central management server that monitors and regulates energy usage throughout the project. 

This means no more energy wastage and less money spent on energy bills for all residents. 

The admirable commitment to helping to save the planet doesn’t stop at ELEMENT, though. 

One Tree Planted

In fact, in a hailed partnership with One Tree Planted, Nexus has committed to planting 100 trees for every single unit sold in ELEMENT – The Quarter, with an overall aim of planting over 40,000 trees. 

Nexus Residential is also known globally for its skills in delivering the most contemporary properties on the market. 

From City Terraces to One Baltic Square, L1 Boutique to Marina Lofts, Nexus has continuously delivered properties that arrive on time, on budget, and fully tenanted. 

If you’re looking to make a successful investment in Liverpool, then properties from Nexus Residential are an obvious choice. 

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Liverpool Residential Royalty

Nexus specialises in Liverpool, which is fantastic news for the city’s residents. 

The developer’s innovative and unique approach to property development has meant that the city has been completely rejuvenated, with a new wave of stunning living spaces. 

It’s no mistake why Nexus Residential focuses so heavily on this North West city, as it has gained a reputation over the last two decades as an investment paradise. 

Liverpool is currently the king of capital growth in the UK. 

House prices in the city, as of March 2023, have increased by over 7.19% in just 12 months, according to the latest Land Registry data. 

This considerable growth is set to continue in the future, too. 

Chinatown Liverpool

The latest predictions from industry experts Savills have placed Liverpool and the North West at the top for capital appreciation. 

In fact, by 2027, Liverpool property is anticipated to increase by 11.7% – the highest growth rate compared to every other UK region, including London. 

This growth is thanks, in part, to the wonderful regeneration on offer.  

Major billion-pound projects like Liverpool Waters, the Knowledge Quarter, and LiverpoolONE have continuously attracted new residents to the city, all looking for a high-quality home. 

Thanks to Nexus Residential, these high-quality homes are in strong supply, making the future of Liverpool property investment incredibly bright. 

If you want some of the best capital growth rates on offer and access to an aspiring young population, Liverpool and Nexus properties are a clear choice for investors in the UK and from across the globe. 

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