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Where Is the Best Place to Invest in Student Property?

Property Investment Basics

Student property is one of the most popular ways of investing in buy-to-let property in the UK thanks to the affordable entry points, the consistently high demand and the lack of void periods.

When looking to invest, finding the best place to invest in student property is obviously important, as you will want to give yourself the best chance of high returns possible.

Several major cities around the UK stand out as some of the best places to invest in student property. We feel that recommending only one city would not be the best answer, so we’ve provided some recommendations based on key criteria investors should look for in a student investment property.

Selecting the Best Place to Invest in Student Property

Looking at places to invest in student property is similar to residential buy-to-let, but you’ll want to take into consideration these key factors:

  • Local universities – Naturally, you’ll want to research what universities are in the area. Take a look at their rankings in university tables, as well as the size of the student population and what courses are offered to get a sense of demand for student property.
  • Affordability – Student property is traditionally more affordable than regular buy-to-let, so look for areas with below-average house prices to make the most of this.
  • Transport links – Students will want to visit home, as well as potentially commute or travel around the area for work or leisure. Ensure there are robust transport links in the area.
  • Cultural landmarks – See what is in the local area that students are likely to visit. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other spots such as theatres are all probably going to be popular, meaning students will want accommodation close to it.

Based on these criteria, some UK areas stand out as great places to invest in student property.

Liverpool, for example, provides incredibly affordable house prices and a world-class nightlife scene which draws thousands of students every year to the prestigious universities in the city. With an average property price over £100k under the national average, you can find student property in Liverpool which will have much higher rental yields than other cities around the UK.

Manchester is also a strong contender for the best place to invest in student property in the UK. The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University are both considered some of the best universities in the UK, while the thriving culture Manchester has fostered helps to make it an ideal place for students to study.

Other cities like Nottingham and Birmingham are also great places to invest in student property as they are home to popular and respected universities and have much to offer students outside of their studies.

Ultimately, there is no one best place to invest in student property, but instead a wide range of cities which are all uniquely ideal for investors thanks to a range of factors. Be sure to do your own research and find the right place to invest in for you.