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Who Are the Team Behind RWInvest?

About RWinvest

RWInvest is comprised of a dedicated group of property experts spread across four distinct teams, each with a unique focus towards giving our clients the smoothest and most stress-free investment journey they can.

With offices in Liverpool, Manchester and London, we are spread out across several of the UK’s property investment hotspots to help us keep on top of a fast-moving industry. Our agile and detail-oriented approach means we can provide our investors with up-to-date and relevant information about the UK property market, ensuring they are ahead of the curve.

Learn More About Our Teams

Our sales team is the largest part of RWInvest and is the first port of call for our clients. Every one of our sales consultants are experts in the UK property market and are able to answer any questions that potential clients might have.

As the first voice from RW that clients hear, our sales consultants’ main job is to pitch our investment properties to potential clients, focusing on the areas that the properties are located in as well as desirable selling points of the property.

Given how big a decision this is for clients, our sales team works around the clock to answer any questions and assuage any doubts that they may have, working via phone calls, emails and live chat services like Whatsapp.

Once a sale has been agreed upon, it is up to our Client Care team to complete the sale. Their role in our sales process is to work with clients to ensure the initial transaction is completed, putting them in touch with expert solicitors and mortgage brokers who partner with us.

We aim to have sales completed within 28 days of an initial agreement, so our Client Care team works tirelessly to make this as smooth a process as possible for our clients.

After this, we hand clients over to our Post-Sales team. Their role in RWInvest is to keep clients updated on the progress made on their investments, as well as to collect payments when they are due.

This is an important task, as they have to keep clients consistently in the loop and contact them if there are any updates on their development.

They will also conduct site visits with clients, so they can see their investment properties in person and see first-hand how construction is going on their units.

Outside of these three core teams, our Marketing team works closely with all branches to arm them with the tools they need to approach clients with a unified and professional approach, producing a range of materials with to make their jobs easier.

We also have a variety of staff to cover internal roles such as HR, payroll and office management.

RWInvest is a diverse and varied team with a wide range of skills, all focused on providing you with the very best property investment opportunities we can!