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What is a Property Investment Company?

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A property investment company is an organisation that sells investment properties to investors.

Their task is to connect developers and investors, cutting out middlemen such as estate agents to provide a streamlined sales process.

Working with a property investment company is well-suited for any kind of property investor, no matter their experience level or budget. This is because they provide everything investors may need at every step of the process, making investing much less stressful and far easier.

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Typically, property investment companies will specialise in a certain aspect of property investment, be it buy-to-let properties, HMOs, off-plan buy-to-let or commercial property.

They will form relationships with trusted developers so they can consistently launch new projects with reliable completion dates and the potential for high returns.

As well as this, they will find solicitors, mortgage brokers and property management companies so investors are provided with everything they could need when investing in property.

There are several benefits to investing with a property investment company over investing in property on your own.

The first is that it saves time to invest using a property investment company, as they handle much of the heavy lifting when it comes to the investment process, as they are able to provide you with high-quality investment properties and everything you will need to invest in them.

In addition, by cutting out middlemen, property investment companies are often able to sell properties for below-market-value prices, saving you money in the long run.

As well as this, sometimes you are able to purchase investment properties using a payment plan from a property investment company, which allows you to spread out the cost of investing over time without having to borrow a buy-to-let mortgage.

Because of their close relationship with developers, they can sometimes secure guaranteed rental yields for a set period of time, which means investors are guaranteed a minimum fixed rate of returns which has the potential to rise over time.

For those looking for a hands-off investment, property investment companies are an ideal route to go down as it means not having to find investment properties capable of producing high returns, going through the sales process and managing your investments yourself.

Working with a property investment company is also a good idea for experienced investors. This is because the property investment company may have access to off-market properties that are exclusively sold by their agents, offering a unique opportunity to invest in luxury buy-to-let properties that you will not find on the open market.

Property investment companies offer the best service possible for those wanting to invest in real estate, combining connecting savvy investors with high-quality opportunities built to bring them substantial returns.