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Does RWinvest Manage Their Properties?

About RWinvest

During assured rental periods with RWinvest, the property will be managed by an allocated management company who deals with aspects like marketing, finding tenants, and general maintenance responsibilities.

Managing your own property does come with its own advantages, such as lowering monthly outgoings, and gaining hands-on experience of being a landlord. However, we believe that utilising an experienced and reputed property management company is the best way to ensure a smooth and successful investment.

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Why Does RWinvest Use Property Management Companies?

There are many requirements and responsibilities that come with being a property owner, and if any aspect is neglected, it can result in serious legal ramifications. These responsibilities can include maintenance, and dealing with tenant issues and complaints.

One big advantage to working with a property management company is avoiding any trouble that may arise from accidental negligence. Property management companies are well-versed in the legal responsibilities of a landlord, and will ensure they are carried out. This makes working with a property management company ideal for those who are new to property investment.

Being a hands-on landlord can also take up inordinate amounts of time and effort. From finding tenants, to maintaining the property, and dealing with the tenants’ issues, it can be incredibly time-consuming. By outsourcing this work to a property management company, we ensure that our investors can save time, effort, and stress. This is particularly helpful for those with full-time careers and responsibilities outside of property investment.

Property management companies ensure you can get the most out of your rental income as they are well-versed in the property market. They will make sure the rent is set at the best possible rate, and collect it on your behalf, making sure it is paid on time.

By working with a property management company, we can help investors have a stress-free venture, safe in the knowledge that all responsibilities and requirements are being fulfilled while collecting passive income.

Different management companies will also specialise in different types of property management, such as student flats or residential properties. We choose the best companies possible to suit our specific developments so their expertise can be of benefit to our investors.

At RWinvest, we have relationships with some of the best property management companies in the UK. They have impressive track records of dealing with various types of buy-to-let properties, so we know they can be trusted with our investors’ properties and tenants.