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Construction Updates

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Vantage Point Construction Updates

  • Reception areas close to completion.
  • All roof works are now complete and have been leak tested.
  • Internal apartment areas are now complete on 3 floors.
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Wigan Under Construction

Keeping You Up to Date

If you’ve purchased an off-plan property, you’ll naturally want to stay up to date with the construction of the project.

Since most of the properties sold by RWinvest are off-plan, construction updates provide a key service to each of our clients who wish to stay in the know about their investment.

You may be a past investor who’s purchased one of our off-plan properties and needs information on the latest progress

Or, you could be interested in investing in one of our off-plan developments and want to discover more about its construction.

Whatever your reason for landing on our construction updates page, this section of our website will offer you all the latest updates about our current developments in the UK.

Here you will construction updates to properties like One Baltic Square and ELEMENT – The Quarter.

If you haven’t purchased your property yet but want to, make sure you check our entire sales process and start your investment journey today.

Speak to a Post-Sales Representative

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you want an update on a project not listed in our construction updates, or you want to chat in more detail about the construction progress for one of our developments, get in touch today.

You can chat with a member of our post-sales team to learn more about the construction progress for one of our past or current investment properties.

If you’ve purchased a unit with us, we’re also happy to offer meetings and on-site viewings of construction sites to keep you updated on how your buy to let investment is coming along.

You can also check out RWinvest’s videos to see video progress of your purchased property.